Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Gun 101

Time to put analytical thought parallel to emotion.

1. Additional gun laws won't hinder black market, homemade, or stolen guns.
   *Secure Northern and Southern borders will lower any influx of illegal weapons.

2. Many guns used in second and third crimes were sold by police auctions or stolen from police.

3. Inept Obama and Holder gave guns to the Mexican Cartel (southern black market).

4. Blaming guns for crime and death is an equivalent to blaming cars for accidents.

5. When considering numbers, note that 2.5 million Americans die yearly and 4 million are born.

Police charged with selling illegal guns in CA.

Guns stolen from IL train

Guns stolen from GA train

Guns stolen from CA SWAT

Guns stolen from FBI in MA

Gun theft TX 2016
The FBI has been confiscating homemade guns for a long time.

Obama and Holder handed out guns to killers, like Halloween candy.

Obama and Holder Extra

DHS Extra

GA Democrat Extra

CA Democrat Extra

TX Democrat Extra

MD Police Extra

CDC: Gun Data Error

Gun Laws: A Racist History

The problem isn't guns. It's people.

NPR: The school shootings that weren't.

Learn about what really kills Americans.

“We have over 300 federal gun laws. We have thousands of gun laws on the state and local levels. It’s not about more laws! The government cannot solve the problems of an evil heart.” – NRATV’s Colion Noir